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Softify has been building custom web-based administration software for various clients since 2004.

Our newest product, Scolana, has two primary markets:


As founder or director of a school, you have a fantastic vision of how to make the world a better place through education. You might picture children growing in self-confidence, giving them powerful intellectual and emotional tools to become the leaders of the future. Or you may understand that the world needs more and better therapists, or accountants, or dentists. Or yoga teachers.

Back in your office though, you have a stack of invoices to send, unpaid accounts to chase, cheques to lodge, not to mention all your new clients at the door waiting to get in. You’re dealing with all this stuff instead of pursuing your dreams – opening the next school, reforming your nation’s education system, training the trainers, or simply teaching with greater care and skill.

On the one hand, Scolana is a simple tool to help you deal with the administration stuff. But at Softify we like to think Scolana is your dream-enabler: by getting the tedious work out of the way, Scolana frees your time, your budget, and your mind to focus on providing better education.

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