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Successful schools and training organisations use Softify products as part of their management strategy.

What We Do

Softify is a software development company specialized in SaaS (Software as a Service), we are mostely known for our Scolana platform which is used by several private schools as well as training organisation. Most of our clients are located in France but the advantage of a well designed application and the cloud platform is that we can offer translation in multiple languages.

with Scolana you can:

  • Manage classes, adult courses, activities for children
  • Keep your contact information all in one place
  • Manage client billing and payments (including online credit-card payments and SEPA direct debits, export to popular accounting packages including Sage, Ciel, Quadratus)
  • Generate, store, and exchange documents (certificates, invoices, training-contracts)
  • Send automated notifications
  • Send group emails and SMS
  • Offer your clients their own extranet/portal (for documentation, contracts, billing, news, calendars and timetables)
  • Manage your website
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In addition to all the above, Scolana offers project-management, task management, time-tracking for all your team, automated recurrent or subscription billing, and other business administration-oriented modules.

If you are in need of a management solution with these or similar features, and you are in that space where no off-the-shelf product meets your needs, but an in-house development team is beyond your budget: then Softify is exactly what you are looking for!

If your business looks like this, you should email us now or use our contact form

About us

Black and white picture of Coralie Dalton

Coralie Dalton

Founder / Coder in Chief

Coralie was born in Ireland and studied software development at Dublin City University. She worked in Paris for a software company where she was working with multinational clients on industrial projects (located in France and abroad) in a fast paced environment where millions of Euros were at stake.

After a few years she felt this was no longer for her and decided to use her skills and knowledge in accordance with her values: “respect, sharing, team work and make other peoople’s daily life better”.

In 2011, while her children were attending Living School , Coralie noticed the staff was overloaded with repetitive administrative tasks which limited time for creativity and imagination in the curriculum so she submited the idea to create a website to help them handle registrations and Scolana was born!

Black and white picture of Stéphane Dubois

Stéphane Dubois

Front-end & UI

Stéphane was born in France and graduated with a diploma in Business. While working for the French Electrotechnical Standard Body (UTE at the time, now AFNOR), he was offered the opportunity to become the webmaster and learned how to build web pages and became very good friend with the in house graphic designer who showed him the magical ways of Adobe Photoshop.

Stéphane moved to the USA in 2005 where he worked for several small contractors as a web designer with hands on with graphic frameworks as well as different programming languages.

Early 2021, Stéphane joined Softify where he helps incorporate clients’ website into Scolana’s CMS and revamp Scolana’s UI with a dash of customer support.

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